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                The  Byzantine Army was the direct continuation of the armies of ancient Rome.
It remained one of the most organized and powerful military forces in the world for over a thousand years.
Soldiers of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire were trained and equipped in the ancient Roman manner,
and the Byzantine Army remained primarily organized as  Roman Legions until the 7th century.

From the 8th century onward the Byzantine Army evolved new methods to meet new challenges.
Even so the  Byzantine Army relied on Roman organization and discipline until the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD.
  It never ceased to consider itself the Army of Rome.

The Byzantine Army is  much more than a later footnote to the story of the Roman Legions.
It preserved the Roman world and saved all of Western Civilization, leaving a legacy worthy of the Roman Empire.

Byzantium Novum is a New Nation project dedicated to the revival of Byzantine culture and civilization.
Our Militarium is formed as a continuation of the Byzantine Army, the last surviving Roman Army in the world.
It is a Military Order preserving the military traditions of the Eastern Roman Empire from 330 to 1461 A.D.,
with the goals of presenting Byzantine living history and supporting present day benevolent and civic causes.

Here, the Eastern Roman Army is alive and well.
Here the Legions and Tagmata units live again, recruiting Roman Soldiers and maintaining the Roman World.

Here ancient knowledge and traditions are preserved and continue to make a positive contribution!

The Byzantine Army Wants YOU!
The Byzantine Army Wants YOU!


 become an official Byzantine Soldier in Byzantium Novum TODAY!

We are always recruiting and training volunteer Byzantine Soldiers and civilian support staff!

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